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A First for Glass eMotions

This past Saturday, August 8th, Glass eMotions hosted our first event in the studio.

Eric Covington of Priest’s Mill Art Centre was our first presenter.  The seminar Eric provided was about designing glass tiles to be rolled-up and blown into larger vases/vessels.  We had a very good turn-out with a lively group of experienced fusers, new fusers, and glass blowers.

What is a Roll-Up? A kiln formed glass tile that has been reheated and transformed into incredible glass vessels by a gaffer in a glass blowing process.  This process gets all the benefits of fused glass— creating differing inside and outside imagery, precise color placement, and full cross-sections of colour.  The end result of the vessel is key in the design of the fused glass tile.  There are a number of considerations and decisions to be made.

  • Creating interest in different layers to make the most of the technique.
  • Create areas that you might look through to something deeper or on the other side of the vessel once it is blown.
  • Avoid large contrasts in colour as they move differently (due to different viscosity) at high heats. For example, a vessel that has large areas of black then white might blow out unevenly.
  • Design an area at the top and the bottom that can be sacrificed during the pick-up phase of the process. This is where the collar is joined to the fused panel for the roll up.
  • Design the piece with the join in mind – lots of horizontal lines around the piece will make it harder to disguise no matter how skilled the glass blower.

Eric will be at Glass eMotions again on August 25th to review the design process in our Tile & Twirl Workshop.  We will spend the morning designing our vessel and the accompanying tile.  We will enjoy a relaxing lunch on one of the many decks around the property.  In the afternoon participants will assembly their fused glass tiles.

The exciting part comes on September 8,9 – when Tatsumi Komiya will be lead gaffer in bringing your creation to life.  Here is a short video of the process.

Navajo Bowl Roll-up

This is going to be a fun-filled day.  I hope you will consider joining us at the studio:  Tile & Twirl with Tatsumi Komiya

I was overwhelmed with all the positive comments and feedback on the setup of the studio and the space where we are located.  My hopes in opening this studio:

  1. Bring experienced international fused glass masters to Canada
  2. Provide a relaxed, large work area for participants to learn and practice the art of Fused Glass
  3. Share my experience with like minded individuals
  4. Move beyond boundaries and explore new techniques

I look forward to meeting you.