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Landscapes in Glass with Gordon Coulthart

I think anytime we host an instructor here at Glass eMotions – I can be sure that it will be a full day, filled with creativity, imagination and camaraderie.    Yesterday was just that.

With a diverse age range and experience with painting this group fell right into the rhythm. And even a couple of glassies who were interested in the fusing process of this technique.

I was fortunate in teaming up with Gordon Coulthart, an accomplished Ottawa artist, who was willing to go beyond his comfort zone and explore a new medium for creating his style of painting.  Painting on glass entails using a blend of glass enamels, flux and medium.  It has a different texture and feel and required some adaptation to the traditional acrylic painting.  Gordon was a very engaged instructor, wandering the class and providing advice and guidance.  It was interesting to watch the interaction between Gordon and student.



As I prepare to put these masterpieces in the kiln for their first of two firings, I will be excited to see the results.  Here are the pre-fired images of what was created in this very fun workshop.

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Tile & Twirl – Part One – The Tile

Yesterday, Glass eMotions hosted a collaborative event with Priests Mill Art Centre / Eric Covington.

The objective was to create a fused glass tile with the end-result in mind – to have it blown into a custom vessel.  We had three amazing ladies join us in the studio.  Being a small group, we were able to take the class wherever they wanted to go.  I so enjoyed watching the creativity and collaboration in play.

Eric began the day with a recap of design concepts for our fused tile.  Here he is demonstrating the use of layering transparent colours.

It was a beautiful day, so we all enjoyed a break eating lunch, catered by the Ottawa Mission Food Services Program, on one of the many decks around the property.  I really wish I had taken a picture of the lunch – it was great – Thanks Ric!!

After the fresh air, everyone dove right in and starting designing their tiles.  With a wide variety of choices for design elements, the ideas were ‘flowing’.

Thanks to Kathryn and Eric we had a variety of puddles and murrini to choose from.  How kind it was of them to bring and share.














Tiles are ready to go into the kiln for firing.   Check back here for Part Two of the Tile and Twirl.  Excited to join Tatsumi and Eric at Priests Mill Art Centre on September 8/9.

If you are interested in trying this yourself in a future course, please use the form below to contact me:

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Announcing: The Kiln Formed Glass Club (KFGC) – Canadian Chapter

The Glass eMotions Studio

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Introducing a new way to develop your glass making skills …

The Kiln Formed Glass Club (KFGC-CDN) – Canadian Chapter 2019 will be open for enrollments in September!

The Kiln Formed Glass club was the brainchild of Liz Sparkes, Glassification and is now going into it’s 3rd year!  Running a successful glass workshop specializing in splash backs meant Liz hardly ever got round to trying out new techniques. Books languished on the shelves, whilst eBooks and tutorials cluttered up the hard drive, waiting for that moment to “get around to it”! She knew she probably wasn’t alone!  In 2016, she developed the idea further, and the first Club kicked off in 2016.  

In collaboration with Liz, Glass eMotions will be hosting the Canadian Chapter – and boy are we excited!  Liz and I are working out some details but we should have it nailed by the beginning of September.  What a great opportunity for all levels of Canadian Fusers.

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A First for Glass eMotions

This past Saturday, August 8th, Glass eMotions hosted our first event in the studio.

Eric Covington of Priest’s Mill Art Centre was our first presenter.  The seminar Eric provided was about designing glass tiles to be rolled-up and blown into larger vases/vessels.  We had a very good turn-out with a lively group of experienced fusers, new fusers, and glass blowers.

What is a Roll-Up? A kiln formed glass tile that has been reheated and transformed into incredible glass vessels by a gaffer in a glass blowing process.  This process gets all the benefits of fused glass— creating differing inside and outside imagery, precise color placement, and full cross-sections of colour.  The end result of the vessel is key in the design of the fused glass tile.  There are a number of considerations and decisions to be made.

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