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Landscapes in Glass with Gordon Coulthart

I think anytime we host an instructor here at Glass eMotions – I can be sure that it will be a full day, filled with creativity, imagination and camaraderie.    Yesterday was just that.

With a diverse age range and experience with painting this group fell right into the rhythm. And even a couple of glassies who were interested in the fusing process of this technique.

I was fortunate in teaming up with Gordon Coulthart, an accomplished Ottawa artist, who was willing to go beyond his comfort zone and explore a new medium for creating his style of painting.  Painting on glass entails using a blend of glass enamels, flux and medium.  It has a different texture and feel and required some adaptation to the traditional acrylic painting.  Gordon was a very engaged instructor, wandering the class and providing advice and guidance.  It was interesting to watch the interaction between Gordon and student.



As I prepare to put these masterpieces in the kiln for their first of two firings, I will be excited to see the results.  Here are the pre-fired images of what was created in this very fun workshop.