Classic Rogue Enamels

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Weight 110.6 g
Dimensions 5.7 × 5.7 × 12.7 cm

12 reviews for Classic Rogue Enamels

  1. Paul Messink

    I love working with these enamels – one of the best on the market. These are vibrant, rich colors that have very little color shift at full fuse temperatures, so they provide great results in my multi-layered thick panels. They are also incredibly easy to mix and paint with.

    • Crystal Loke

      Thank you Paul. Your support of Rogue gives credibility to a great product.

  2. Cindy C (verified owner)

    I love the Rogue classic enamels. Paint with a brush and get full coverage in one coat. Colors stay true so you can see the final colors as you work. A delight to use for painting!

    • Crystal Loke

      Thank you Cindy.

  3. Tracy Noonan (verified owner)

    I am totally floored with how dense the colours are with Rogue Enamels. Between the ability to make infinite colours by mixing the powders is pretty phenomenal. Add to that what you can do with Rogue and glass powder and the sky is the limit. LOVE this product!

    • Crystal Loke

      Thank you Tracy, You sound like me when I was first trying these enamels.

  4. Debbie Appleby (verified owner)

    The colors are brilliant, reliable and consistent colors. Started with a tutorial class and have added to my own studio works. Excellent for stencil or hand painting. Quickly shipped as well.
    Thank you!

    • Crystal Loke

      Thank you Debbie. I too love the versatility of these enamels. Pushing the envelope and trying new things and I haven’t found anything I am not able to do with a little/lot of testing.

  5. Mark E Schoell (verified owner)

    This Enamel is the best by far for the type of work i do. Great support community on FB as well. Fires as i like, love to push the envelope with this enamel. Keep the new colors coming please!

    • Crystal Loke

      Thank you Mark – working on new colours and possibly a new product you might like 😉

  6. Lara Rupinski (verified owner)

    These enamels are the best I have ever used! Awesome fired colors really pop. Easy to get mixed with the Rogue medium to get exactly what you want. Awesome.

    • Crystal Loke

      Thank You Lara.

  7. Heather Martineau

    Rogue enamels are very easy to use and provide wonderful colours to your glass. Easy to mix and work on any type of CO Glass. Delivery is fast and efficient Crystal is a great artist to deal with.

  8. Joyce (verified owner)

    Wonderful enamels! They are very easy to mix with medium which allows you to use different consistencies for various applications. Easy to blend colors and stay true so you don’t get any surprises after firing.

  9. Debbie Wennrich

    Debbie Wennrich (verified owner)

    Debbie Wennrich (verified owner) I am in love with these enamels. They are by far the best enamels I have ever used. I love the vibrancy and versatility they offer and ease of mixing and blending colours.

  10. Gayle Haynie (verified owner)

    I have tried several of the glass enamels available on the market and I find the Rogue/Dove enamels to be the best. I recommend them to my students and point them out to my clients in my custom work.

  11. Rae Williamson

    I have used many enamels and by far the Rogue enamels are the easiest and the most vibrant of all. The hot colours are amazing and the ability to layer the oolours is superior.

  12. Connie Parsons

    I love love love Rogue Enamels! They are smooth and creamy and blend together beautifully
    for any color I need. I’ve spent a fortune on various glass paints and Rogue is clearly the best.
    I honestly can’t say enough good things about it. And… having experienced Rogue artists ready
    and willing to help us all along the way is just icing on the cake.

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