Crazy Drop Outs – The Return of Peter Kane

August 27-30, 2020

8:30AM – 5:00PM


The beauty within form and colour … Peter travels to us from Singapore, where he and his wife Michelle (also a glass artist) have a glass studio.

Peter is a firm believer in the saying “Less is more”.  He is going to instill the importance of design, with the choice and placement of colours, having such a big influence on the success of the drop out technique and visual appearance.

During the workshop we will make our own molds, learning how to use Silkemat.  No matter which way you go, there will be a lot of technique and design decisions to be made.  This is a very rewarding process.

A further highlight of this workshop we will invite Michelle into the studio to show us some of her exceptional painting (with Rogue enamels) and etching techniques.  A bonus not to be missed.

All materials included
Light snacks morning + Catered Lunch
$960.50 CAD HST included.

Peter Kane


"This June I am honoured & so excited,to return to Crystals glass studio “Glass Emotion” to conduct my “Crazy Drop Out” workshop again.  Glass Emotions workshop is everything a workshop should be, fun, challenging, and most of all enjoyable. The studio space is amazing, so comfortable, and so well equipped.  I walked in, and felt completely at home, this is very important, as you don’t want to spend half your time trying to feel comfortable enough to produce fabulous work.

Crystal is amazing, every i has been dotted twice, and every T crossed twice, there again adding to the comfort factor of the working environment.

Oh my god, you will be blown away with the catering………The lunch is the gourmet plus every day (And Different).

Last year I made lifelong friends, and this year I am looking forward to making more.

June can’t come quick enough !!!!"

Completed Secondary school in 1977

Completed College in 1981 as Jeweller

Opened first retail / wholesale jewellery shop in Brisbane in 1983

Completed University in 1991 with a Gemmology degree

Opened a retail Glass and Jewellery shop in Melbourne in 2008

Attended The University of Adelaide in 2014, BA in Visual Arts, majoring in glass

Attended ACAD in Calgary on a scholarship in 2015, BA in Fine Arts, majoring in glass.

Recipient of the Design Council of Australia design award in 2016 for the “Android Beginnings” installation.

Group and solo shows in Singapore, Melbourne & Malaysia.

Collectors of work in Australia, Brazil, United Kingdom, New Zealand

Singapore, Malaysia, United States of America, Canada.