Learn new skills. Get inspired. Connect socially. Stay safe.

Learn new skills in painting with enamel, firing multiple layers into thick panels and creating incredible depth and dimension in your work with award-winning artist and international instructor Paul Messink.   Get inspired and fall (further) in love with fused glass with a full 36-hour master class in Creating Dimension…all in bite-size lessons.   Connect socially and share opinions with fellow artists learning together in a live, fully interactive online experience. Make discoveries while making new friends.  Stay safe and never have to leave your studio, while saving time and money by learning in the familiar setting of your own home, with your own kiln.

What’s included in this registration fee:

  • 36 hours of Live instructional time with Paul Messink and a kit containing consumable supplies. The consumables kit includes supplies, disposable tools, image printouts, and precut items that are essential to the workshop. 
  • A couple of surprise bonus items are also included in the consumable kit. The consumable supplies kit is required for every student, so the cost is included in your payment for the course, and the kit will automatically be shipped to you along with the other kits you order.  You do not need to order the consumable kit once you have registered for the course. No additional charges are needed for students in the US or Canada who are ordering at least one other kit, as your consumable supply kit will be shipped with everything else.

Read more details in the Description and Additional Information below.

Please note that the live Glassroom© workshops are non-refundable. Ensure that you are able to attend all the dates for the live sessions by reviewing the Detailed Class Schedules.  Choose the workshop schedule that works for you.  Workshop 1 (Sept 19-Oct 20) or Workshop 2 (Oct 24 – Nov 24) from the drop down.  Once you have registered, you will receive a Welcome email and you’ll be able to login to the Live Glassroom©  education portal where you’ll get all your course handouts.

Then go to, to purchase the course the Material Kits.

A special bundled price for all four materials kits (glass, enamels, hand tools, and dams) is available for $354 USD – giving you all the materials and tools you need.  Individual kits can be purchased a-la-carte if you don’t need to purchase every kit.  All kits include free US shipping, with reduced shipping to other countries. Tools can also be purchased individually if you don’t need the entire tool kit.

Price is in Canadian Dollars. To see the price in your currency, use the currency drop-down box at the top of the page (immediately to the left of the shopping cart icon).


Free Shipping (Rogue Enamels) Over $250


Paul Messink is an award-winning kiln-work glass artist and international instructor who draws on prior drawing and painting experience to create hand-painted, multi-layered glass panels that present nature and figures in deep dimension. While mostly self-taught, Messink has been fortunate to learn from artists such as Susan Taylor Glasgow, Richard LaLonde, and Mark Salsbury.


Glass eMotions/Crystal Loke


Coachella Glassworks/Paul Messink

Partnering to bring you this exciting opportunity.

We all know maintaining physical distance from others is the best way to keep ourselves and our communities safe right now. Or perhaps you’re a busy parent or professional (or both!) that can’t possibly take a week away just for you. Costly travel can also be problematic.

With our smaller, half-day weekend sessions, now you don’t have to choose. Utilizing a simple platform for watching, learning and sharing, our live streaming Creating Dimension Masterclass provides detailed LIVE classroom instruction, plus all the social connection we all need and crave. You’ll be encouraged to ask questions, share your opinions and connect socially with other artists just like yourself so we can come together, find inspiration and take the next step in your creative journey.

In this four-week live streaming workshop, you will learn to create thick glass panels that have great dimension and depth; learn how to apply enamel to glass layers and stack and fuse these layers into solid panels. Topics covered include: design and image selection, layout, discussion of enamels and how they respond to fusing temperatures, painting medium, how to mix and apply enamels, fusing schedules, bubble control, kiln loading instructions, finishing techniques PLUS you’ll learn the carefully guarded secret extra techniques to create beautiful, foggy effects that Paul is known for.

Total cost includes 27 hours of instructor led weekend sessions over 4 weeks, professional instruction from an award-winning artist, detailed handouts (including all firing schedules), and twice-weekly office hours for  Q&A, problem solving, and progress reviews.  All materials (pre-cut glass and pre-mixed enamels), tools, and dams, and a bonus consumables kit can be purchased separately at Coachella Glassworks, and are shipped directly to your home.

September 19 until October 20

  • Registration closes September 5 for the US, August 29 for Canada, and August 22 for all other countries

October 24 until November 24

  • Registration closes October 10 for the US, October 3 for Canada, and September 26 for all other countries

Please take special note that to ensure on-time delivery of your consumables and materials kits, registration is required at least 2-4 weeks (depending on your country) prior to the start date.

Detailed Class Schedules

Examples of Student Work


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