PMC Certification Course 101 – Gail Stouffer

July 17-20, 2020

8:30am – 5:00pm


Students will learn all of the fundamental skills required to work with metal clays, and be successful with PMC products! Practice techniques including rolling, texturing, cutting, carving, sculpting, molding, refining, firing, and polishing. Extra time is devoted to discussing firing processes and each student learns torch firing and kiln firing techniques.

Students will make five projects including a pair of earrings with a firable stone, a double textured pendant with syringe detail, wrapped beads, a sculpted toggle clasp and a wrapped ring with a firable stone. The class utilizes PMC3, PMC Flex, and PMC OneFire 950 clays to ensure each student learns the appropriate usage of each type of clay.

This class includes a materials kit valued at $150 that includes is 20g of PMC3, 25g of PMC OneFire 950, 5g of PMC Flex and a 9g PMC3 Syringe of clay along with firable stones, beads, embeddable findings and use of all materials and tools to complete the projects.
Light morning snacks and
Catered Lunch are included.

Upon completion of the projects and lecture time, students will take a short written test. Each student will then receive a Certificate of Completion from Sawtooth School for Visual Art, entitling them to an ongoing 8% discount on all PMC clay purchases at Clay Revolution and Rio Grande Jewelry Supply, as well as inclusion in the Camp PMC Certified Artisan Program. The Program, developed by Rio Grande Jewelry Supply, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, Clay Revolution and Sawtooth School for Visual Art offers additional opportunities for technical and professional development for metalsmiths and artisans working with PMC.

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Gail Stouffer is an artist and educator based in San Antonio, Texas. Her BFA and MA degrees fuel her joy for creating, and a passion to help others find their artistic voice. For the last 15 years, Gail has taught at fine art centers and commercial studios around the world.

Gail Stouffer


“​I’m so excited to be bring my Glass Canvas Workshop to the Glass eMotions Studios in Canada! The workshop is going to very exciting, and the studio will be perfect for all of the techniques students will learn! I can’t wait for the perfect August weather and the view of the river, it will inspire all of us to create beautiful work.”