Masks & Modeling Glass – Lois Manno

August 7-9, 2020

8:30am – 5:00PM


Back for another workshop – Come and spend 3 days with Lois Manno and I learning about this game changing new product.

Traditional techniques of working with frit and powdered glass to create three-dimensional objects tend to be labor-intensive, as with pate de verre. Over the past five years, Lois Manno has focused her creative energy toward developing a different way to work with powders and frit, one that opens up an entire new world of creativity.

By combining powdered glass with a dry binder, water, and a liquid medium, she has developed a system that turns messy powder into a manageable material with the consistency of clay. The resulting Modeling Glass has a smooth, firm texture, stores almost indefinitely, and is not sticky.

No freezing is required, nor are molds involved. The material can be thinned with water into a paste, or can be formed into a shape and dried before firing. This dry state is where much of the cleanup can be done using sandpaper, almost eliminating the need for coldworking. Modeling Glass can hold a great deal of detail at tack-fuse temperatures, and can also be used to create interesting effects

All materials included
Breakfast snacks + Catered Lunch

Lois Manno


"​A welcoming and well equipped studio that inspires creativity. All levels of artists will enjoy working at Glass EMotions! There is zero intimidation factor because Crystal wants everyone who attends a class to succeed in their creative vision. A fantastic addition to the Ottawa art scene!

Lois studied drawing and painting in college and has been a professional artist for over thirty years. After taking several Bullseye workshops to learn how to fuse, work with frit, exploit reactions, and cold-work glass, she began experimenting with powders and frit in her own way. After several years of research, Lois developed a new product called Modeling Glass, a binder and liquid medium that transforms powdered glass into a substance that can be shaped and molded similar to working with clay. Her signature glass feathers and sculptural glass work are made using Modeling Glass combined with other techniques.