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Ian Chadwick Glass Art

Ian is an internationally exhibited kiln-formed glass artist and educator. Ian recently won the Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers Arts and Crafts Prize at The British Glass Biennale 2019.  The glass Ian makes is an investigation into pattern using repetition, symmetry and colour to produce work which exhibits a kaleidoscopic, op-art aesthetic.


“Each piece of work is carefully and laboriously constructed by initially forming a sheet of striped, coloured glass which is consequently fired to a solid piece in a kiln.  This piece of striped glass is then cut down into smaller pieces which are then constructed into the patterns present in my finished works.  The production of the patterns require a high level of accuracy and patience and once formed are fired in the kiln up to three  times in total and go through extensive cold-working using diamond abrasives to ensure each piece achieves the best quality finish.  This complex way with which each piece is hand-made also ensures that each piece of glass that I manufacture is a unique work of glass art.”

CANADIAN:  $1250 – Approximately $980 USD

  • All materials included to produce a 25cm x 25cm panel

  • Light snacks morning

  • Catered Lunch

Symmetry can be used as a fundamental design tool. Symmetry is used by man and nature as a device to add continuity, balance and harmony to a chaotic universe, its use in art and design, consequently, attains an aesthetic of order and familiarity.

Ian Chadwick has a background in sculpture and stained-glass window design, disciplines which he applies to his constantly evolving range of kiln-formed glass art.

The glass Ian produces uses rotational symmetry as a tool to achieve patterns which exhibit a hypnotic, op-art effect.  Ian uses kiln-forming techniques to produce sheets of striped, coloured glass which are then deconstructed and reconstructed into symmetrical patterns.  These patterns embody Ian’s interest in the esoteric art of sacred geometry,  commonly used in the rose windows of cathedrals and spiritual visual devices or Mandalas,  used by religions and cultures throughout time.  These arrangements are then kiln-fired and extensively cold worked with diamond abrasives to produce the finished piece.

“The Mandala is an archetypal image whose occurrence is attested throughout the ages.  It signifies the wholeness of the self.”     C G Jung

“There must be a transconscious disposition in every individual which is able to produce the same or very similar symbols at all times and in all places.  Since this disposition is usually not a conscious possession of the individual I have called it the collective unconscious.”     C G Jung

 A Bullseye Glass Workshop


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