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For centuries, tartans have represented the proud heritage and history of Scottish clans. For those tied to the clans, whether by blood or marriage, these patterns woven in wool are more than criss-crossed lines: they are a symbol.

Traditionally woven in wool and worn as a kilt, here at Glass eMotions, I was inspired to re-create the traditional tartan patterns in another medium, one as ancient as the tartans themselves: glass.

Woven with glass threads, these tartans are as exact replicas of the tartans as glass chemistry allows. We respect the tartan tradition and know that in each tartan, every thread placement counts.

Learn how to recreate the traditional tartan patterns in the comfort of your home studio.  You’ll be guided through the precise techniques required to replicate the beautiful tartan.

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What is included:

Module 1 – Do your research!
Module 2 – Picking the ‘right’ clan tartan
Module 3 – Dissecting a tartan and choosing colours
Module 4 – Designing your piece and calculating ‘threadcount’
Module 5 – Layout and Firing
Module 6 – Finishing:  Jewellery, Slumping and Mounting/Hanging ideas + BONUS: Pricing your work

Making tartans in glass is very rewarding. And it offers you an opportunity to reach a potentially large market who love all things tartan.

The market for custom tartan commissions has a huge potential with over 5,000,000 Scotsman in the US, and 5,000,000 in Canada.

Large custom commissions can sell as much as $1000 depending on size. They make great craft/market items – small dishes, jewellery, coasters, stir sticks. Larger items, such as bowls, cheese boards, wall hangings and sculptural items are all possible and provide a unique piece loved in any Scots home.

Free Shipping (Rogue Enamels) Over $250
Crystal Loke

Crystal Loke


My name is Crystal Loke and my ancestry takes me back to John MacBean, (The surname originates from ‘son of Bheathan,’ the Gaelic word for ‘Lively one.’) who was born 1634 in Strathdeam, Invernessshire.

“Join me in re-imagining a glorious tradition that’s now a strand woven into the fabric of who we are and where we live today.” 
Free Shipping (Rogue Enamels) Over $250

2 reviews for Tartans In Glass with Crystal Loke – Online Video Course

  1. Lynne Hartley (verified owner)

    Hi Crystal, I would really like to thank you for teaching me how to do the tartans, I absolutely love this technique. In fact it has me researching into the history of it, the bug has bitten me. I was determined to nail this technique, it is so therapeutic, I can loose myself in my studio for hours and hours.

    Crystal you parting with what you have learnt over the years is invaluable to students, you are the one that has done the endless hours of research, had the mistakes as well as the successes and you are generous to pass this on to us who purchase your online Video Course, for that I am really grateful. I would like to thank you for concern beyond the video, when I needed help you replied to me and helped me out. I highly recommend This course to those of you prepared to want to add another dimension to your glass skills. One word of caution , this is a very addictive technique that you
    will get great satisfaction from. Happy glassing.

  2. Linda (verified owner)

    Crystal, I just completed your Tartans in Glass Tutorial. Wow. I cannot believe how much I learned! I purchased the tutorial because a friend of mine’s daughter, who is like a niece to me, is marrying a Scotsman. My plan is to make them a tartan in glass for their wedding gift. What I thought would be a relatively simple project, well, now I know that to do this correctly, is not so simple. And that’s great for me to know.

    As you recommended in the tutorial, I registered with the Tartan registry. I have the thread count, etc. I’m very excited to get started. And, I’m also putting together a sheet of Clan information to go with the gift!

    So, thank you so very much for one of the most informative video tutorials I’ve ever taken!

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