Textured Abstracts with Marguerite Beneke

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Over 6 Hours of Video with Marguerite Beneke

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“My name is Marguerite and I’m a contemporary warm glass artist creating paintings and textures in glass. I’ve worked with many mediums over the years but fell in love with glass because it is a material that transmits and reflects light as almost no other material can do. Its varying clarity, opacity and texture are able to reflect and absorb light, causing an enhanced observation of each piece. Glass Fusing is particularly fascinating to me because one is surrendering a part of the formation process to the kiln.
In my work I like to express what I find interesting and beautiful in life. A lot of my work has been about my love of land and seascapes, but my favourite way to create is painting abstracts and how to incorporate texture elements in it.  My work invites the viewer to interact with each piece in not only a point of view, but to use their fingertips, to explore the glass and stir the thoughts of the mind.
In this video class, I want to teach you how to let loose and paint without restrictions in your mind. I’m going to teach you my own personal method behind creating my abstract paintings, the thought process, the textured layering, all the things that you need to know to create your own beautiful piece.

I am excited to meet you inside the tutorials’ private Facebook group!

Join Marguerite Beneke on a continuous journey.  The learning does not end with your purchase of this video series.

Abstract design and colour choices can be totally overwhelming. There is a lot of information available on the internet on design principles and colour theories, and it can leave you more confused than ever on where to start.  Using Marguerite’s simplistic approach of using easy photo references or sketches are perfect for beginning artists who are just starting to explore abstracts or even the more experienced artist who is looking to expand their design knowledge or simply get inspired.  Textured Abstracts in enamels is an online video class in which you will learn Marguerite’s most treasured painting secrets – the exact techniques & tools she is using and the way she thinks while creating. You can easily apply the knowledge to your own painting process.

Module 1 – Overview 

In this first module we’re going to look at the 2 different types of backgrounds I use to start my painting on.

Module 2 – Material list

I show the list of materials I use for this tutorial.  Some items are optional, you will see how I use them in each demonstration, and then you can decide if you want to incorporate it in your style and painting.  The important items are Dove aka Rogue medium and enamel powders.

Module 3 – Fluid Painting and Brush Paining Mixture and Process

In this module I will demonstrate how to create 2 different types of paint consistencies.  One for creating larger sheets of opaque streak free plain background glass, and the other for painting with your brush.  I also share my recipes on how to create over 30 blends just from your set of original colours.

Module 4 – Texture Build-Ups and Paint Techniques

In this module I share my inspiration behind creating some of my texture build up pieces and painting techniques.  I show how to create all the build-up and painting techniques before I start with the actual design and painting process, so that I can just use them as I create my painting without explaining how to create them in between my painting process.

Module 5 – Design Process

This is my favourite part of the whole process!!  Here I will show you how to use simplistic photos as references for your composition and colour choices.  Using this easy process, you will never have to wonder what to paint.

Module 6 – Creating abstract using clear glass.

If you are keen on single firing projects, then this module will be just what you need.  I demonstrate step by step how to paint on a clear piece of glass, creating layers as you go. And this process only requires one firing.

Module 7 – Creating abstract using the fired blank glass.

Here I start my painting on a plain opaque covered glass that has been fired one.  This process allows for other techniques as well, more demos will be released in the private Facebook group.

Module 8 – Creating fragments using a painted blank glass.

I love creating a series or set of multiple pieces that can be displayed as a collage or grid pattern.  In this module I will share how easy it is to create fragments from one large piece.

Module 9 – Creating a miniature piece.

Some people like to work in small scale due to size of kiln or just a personal preference.  I have dedicated a module on how to create smaller abstract pieces that can be capped to create a beautiful depth to your piece.

Module 10 – Strip Construction Part Sheet Project

In this module I will share some ideas for using your stripe part sheet created in module 4, to create interesting strip construction pieces.

2 reviews for Textured Abstracts with Marguerite Beneke

  1. Stephen Decator (verified owner)

    I just bought the Textured Abstracts tutorial. Im speechless! As a person with over 30 years of teaching and a specialist in curriculum design, this has to be the best tutorial Glass Emotions has offered yet… It is FAR more extensive and thorough than I could have imagined. It is organized so very well, and I am in awe of the quality AND length of the videos. I cannot begin to imagine the amount of time and work put into this one. Thank you Marguerite for sharing your soul and talent with us again, in yet another amazing tutorial. Thank you Crystal for helping this happen and providing us all with such a great vehicle to such amazing glass education!! Joyful and grateful!

    • Crystal Loke

      It is reviews like this that make me smile. Marguerite is one talented lady. Your comment on the format and layout of the workshop is definitely appreciated. I only want the best for Glass eMotions and this feedback tells me I am on the right track. You are very kind to share your thoughts.

  2. Crystal Loke

    An email from Maxine Jones (verified ownder) – March 6, 2021:
    I recently purchased Marguerite’s on-line Textured Abstracts workshop – the best $330 (Canadian) I’ve ever spent. I have had the privilege of doing a live in person workshop with Marguerite and she is an accomplished artist and teacher. I have taken part in many workshops but have never come across another teacher who is as generous as Marguerite when it comes to sharing her knowledge and skills. All of her on-line tutorials are fantastic but this one is the cherry on top for me – who would have thought you could learn so much through the medium of a digital classroom. The filming & quality of the tutorial is outstanding and shows the skill of the videographers’ understanding of what to capture to ensure the process being demonstrated is clearly visible. Marguerite explains everything so clearly that it makes it easy to follow along and gives you the confidence to get into the studio and create! The tutorial is accompanied by detailed PDF handouts which are excellent for a printed reference to make notes on or to review in conjunction with the videos. The course content is extensive and is definitely up there with other Masterclasses I have taken part in. If you have purchased any of Marguerite’s tutorials you will know that they are always accompanied by a private Facebook group where Marguerite shares further live videos and is available to assist with any queries or suggestions – it’s like the gift that keeps on giving😂 Purchasing the course from Glass Emotions was a slick process with no hitches and I had access to the course immediately on completion of my order. The hosting and presentation of the workshop is faultless. If you are thinking of purchasing this tutorial I assure you you will not be disappointed – it is exceptional value for money and I would recommend it in a heartbeat. In a world that is in the middle of an alarming pandemic it is wonderful to have rays of light and energy that keep us going – this for me has made my creative world lighter – thank you Marguerite and Crystal for bringing this amazing tutorial to our screens.

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