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Cost of this workshop will be:

$2900 CAD dollars / Approx. $2300 USD

You will receive a special workshop organizer which will contain close to $1000 (CAD) in supplies which you will take home with you.

Note:  All participants must provide proof of double vaccination.

But wait … this is not going to be just any workshop.  It is going to be an exclusive 5-day Masterclass with Marguerite.  Space will be limited to ensure that each and every one of you are able to get personal attention from Marguerite.

So what is it all about?

These workshops are for those who have mastered the basics and wish to move onto new levels.  The course provides an invaluable opportunity for enhancing your creativity, personal insight, exploration and growth, self-reflection as well as learning through group interaction. 


Beyond the Basics with Rogue eNamels


This workshop provides a great opportunity for enhancing your creativity by exploring a wide range of techniques used by Marguerite. Expect an intense, concentrated, and lively workshop.

Day one will be all about mixing the correct consistency paint to create and paint your own streaky background glass as well as learning to create a smooth opaque single colour backgrounds for use in other techniques during the rest of the workshop. Once the glass is fired, Marguerite will show you how to use the flow pattern as a guide to create simplistic tree and landscapes, creating a beautiful panel.



On day two Marguerite will delve into abstracts. Whether you are learning for the first time or refreshing your skills, this will be a fun and explorative part of the course.  During this part of the workshop, you’ll learn how to observe what’s around you and how to translate ideas into Abstract design.  Throughout the morning we will venture out into the beautiful areas surrounding Ottawa (weather permitting). You will be creating a journal by taking reference photos and sketching ideas.  Returning to the studio for lunch, we will explore your gathered inspirations into abstract designs.   The afternoon will also consist of learning a wide variety of painting techniques and texture build up ideas to be incorporated in your design.

Day three will be focused on creating a series of abstract work.  Putting in practice what you learned in day 2.

Day four will cover pictorial painting techniques, ranging from simplistic seascapes, painterly style birds, to loose flower bouquets. 



One our last day, day five, we will be creating a little graphic coaster or jewelry pendant, using a variety of techniques covered during the 4 days.  This is a fun way to recap what you have learned and explore more of your ideas.  Marguerite will also discuss all her different mounting ideas.  You will be supplied with handout booklet with photo instructions on each technique. 



After the workshop, you will have access to a special private Facebook group.  This gives you the opportunity to explore what you have learned at home and have a place where you can post photos and ask questions if you need some help with the techniques that you have learned during class.

You will also get a one hour one to one private video painting session through zoom, to use to cover one of the techniques from the workshop again.  These sessions are only available within the first 12 months after the workshop has ended.  Bookings for this will be done on availability for both parties.

    The plan is always to help you reach your potential, painting YOUR way, with YOUR voice and vision, but better than ever before. Come be encouraged and inspired in a fun, upbeat atmosphere and go home ready to create your best work yet.

    NB: Please note that the schedule is subject to change depending on the group of students and their needs as well as weather circumstances.

    The cost of this exclusive 5-day Masterclass with Marguerite will be $2900 CAD ~ $2300 USD.

    • You will receive a full-size Marguerite set of enamels with 18 oz medium for use during the workshop and to take home (with silicone mat and 20 plastic mixing cups and 5 squeeze bottles)
    • A special kit containing all kinds of extra and special take aways for you.

    • All-day refreshments
    • Morning snacks
    • Catered lunch each day
    • Evening reception on Day 4
    • Champagne breakfast on Day 5
    • All materials for each day’s projects 
    Additional outings may be planned with Marguerite where you have the option of attending.  You will be responsible for any outing costs.

    Space is limited to 8 participants.


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