Contemporary Fluid Paintings in glass with Marguerite Beneke


Marguerite Beneke’s Floating on the surface fluid painting video tutorial gives you the skills to create and control fused glass enamel fluid painting. The video tutorial consists of 8 modules consisting of 100 minutes viewing time. Watch at your own leisure and learn at your own pace. Watch as Marguerite demonstrate how to measure and mix pouring medium and fluid paint, which is applied using different techniques to create the sought-after ribbons and smoky wisps that Marguerite is renowned for.  As an extra bonus she will demonstrate how to create her delicate looking fantasy flowers.

You will also gain access to the Floating on the surface fluid painting community Facebook group. Here you will find more videos and regular live painting sessions by Marguerite, as well as regular question and answer sessions.

All of this value for $129 US Dollars.


The Table of content for this Course is:

Module 1: Material list

Module 2: Overview of paint and medium, and measuring

Module 3: Measuring and mixing of enamels and medium

Module 4: Creating fluid painting using gravity

Module 5: Creating fluid painting using air and gravity

Module 6: Cleaning excess paint off tiles

Module 7: Creating fantasy flowers

Module 8: Firing and project ideas

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December 30, 2019