Seascapes & Landscapes with Marguerite Beneke

April 27-29, 2020

8:30am – 5:00pm

In this encouraging and inspirational class Marguerite will guide you through painting a seascape and landscape composition.

This class will cover different brush stroke techniques, the different ways to start paintings, how to use opaque verses transparent colors, how to keep colors clean, and further your understanding of color mixing, plus any other questions brought to class.

A great follow up to Floating on the Surface.

You will start with a simple seascape demonstration with Marguerite to remind you of the basics demonstrated in the Floating on the Surface module. Over three days you will have an opportunity explore in more detail the techniques Marguerite has perfected.

Prerequisite: A comfortable level of understanding in painting and drawing is recommended. Participants should have some experience painting with enamels and are comfortable with basic painting concepts.

Limited to 10 people.

$900 + HST = $1017.00

All materials provided.

Marguerite Beneke


“​I am very excited to be hosted as a guest speaker at Glass Emotions, Canada. Crystal has been absolute wonderful in helping me through the whole process in getting there.

It is an honour to be a guest speaker at such a professional studio and having that experience as part of my glass journey.

I am looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing my techniques.”