Rogue Enamels

Rogue Enamels will change the way you create.

Create the extraordinary

The most versatile and brilliant enamels on the market.

No matter how you use them, these incredibly vibrant and adaptable enamels will bring out your best work.

Create exactly as you envision.


  • The colour you see is the colour you get in your finished work
  • Colours remain vibrant and true at a wide range of temperatures
  • Create custom colours by mixing Rogue Enamels with clear powder

Explore new techniques.


  • Mix with many mediums, including modelling glass and clear powder
  • Use them to paint, pour, screen print, air brush, and more
  • Paint directly on glass just like traditional acrylic

Feel confident in your work.

Easy to Use

  • Use the schedule you need for your project, COE, and kiln- no special firing schedule
  • No venting required
  • Easy to mix and consistent to apply

Rogue Kits

Rogue Colours and Accessories