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Custom Fused Glass Art

Glass eMotions whether displayed in your home or office, create a dynamic focal point.

Fused glass is unique as an art form as the pieces can be both functional and decorative.

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For centuries, tartans have represented the proud heritage and history of Scottish clans. For those tied to the clans, whether by blood or marriage, these patterns woven in wool are more than criss-crossed lines: they are a symbol.

So, it is with great care and exactitude that we re-create the traditional tartan patterns in another medium, one as ancient as the tartans themselves: glass.

Woven with glass threads, our tartans are as exact replicas of the tartans as glass chemistry allows. We respect the tartan tradition and know that every thread placement counts.

Each tartan creation is unique and designed to match your family tartan.

 A piece of art to last generations.