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A First for Glass eMotions

This past Saturday, August 8th, Glass eMotions hosted our first event in the studio.

Eric Covington of Priest’s Mill Art Centre was our first presenter.  The seminar Eric provided was about designing glass tiles to be rolled-up and blown into larger vases/vessels.  We had a very good turn-out with a lively group of experienced fusers, new fusers, and glass blowers.

What is a Roll-Up? A kiln formed glass tile that has been reheated and transformed into incredible glass vessels by a gaffer in a glass blowing process.  This process gets all the benefits of fused glass— creating differing inside and outside imagery, precise color placement, and full cross-sections of colour.  The end result of the vessel is key in the design of the fused glass tile.  There are a number of considerations and decisions to be made.

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