Rachel Manley


Some years ago I made the serendipitous acquaintance of a lady reading her Kindle 18_Feb-7_Rachel Testimonial Raw (2)downstairs where I stay with my favorite sister Carole at her winter home in Barbados. This lady told me she loved reading and loved the Caribbean, so I had the audacity to suggest she read my book Drumblair about the Caribbean federation and my family. A few months later I received a glass creation of a federal flag with the mascot of a broom which my beloved grandfather had used as a symbol of sweeping change for a region who was bracing to be independent of England. This superb piece has a central place in my home.

Who I wondered was this self-effacing woman I had met who had not told me she was an artist, a woman who has the science and skill to make what her creative spirit interprets!

Crystal has over the years become not just a creative sister in my life but a true friend. I recently wrote my first novel and sent her. She combined both the cover and the essence of the book to produce another symbolic and subtle piece layering its theme with shades and textures of meaning, a work of art I will treasure forever.

Crystal’s ability to get at the very soul and meaning of books or a person’s life’s work or history through research and intuition and observance to render symbolic and true interpretations is a valuable gift and makes her work in a very unique sense a communication between artist and audience. A rare gift. A rare woman. A most original and compelling artist.

Rachel Manley