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A Sense of Community

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Why Choose Our Live Glassroom™


Many of us are busy with our careers and family. Pursuing glass education in studios can easily consume your weekends and your free time. This is why, here at Glass eMotions,our Live Glassroom™ training courses may offer you great flexibility with your schedule.  Our courses/workshops/webinars can be taken from anywhere you have an internet connection, a reliable PC and a quiet, dedicated space, in which to work.

Ease of Accessibility

We live in a time where fast, reliable content delivery is paramount, especially when taking courses and/or webinars.  We have become accustomed to having almost everything being readily accessible. The Glassroom™ experience offers downloadable online notes, real-time online support, real-time online interaction, and recorded training videos that can be replayed at your leisure.  This also includes assessments/quizzes that can be taken during the course to assist you in applying what you learn in a more controlled and efficient manner . The easier it is for you to access a course, and the accompanying course materials, the easier it is for you to achieve your goals in glass artistry.

A Sense of Community

Our GlassRoom™ takes advantage of the “social networking” ideology to allow people with similar interests, or with similar learning goals, to work and learn together.  You are able to interact effectively with the instructor, and other students to pose questions, to share experiences, and to share ideas.

The internet has become the most ideal venue to access content that you apply to your skill development.  It is the ultimate way to learn and share experiences with others.  After all, one of the best investments you can make is to invest in yourself.


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