Meet Crystal

Meet Crystal

Becoming a fused glass artist happened entirely by accident. In December 2013, I stumbled across a beautiful pendant in a glass store. I was enthralled – my scientific brain had to know how it was made. Luckily the studio owner was thrilled to answer my many questions. I walked away with both the pendant, and a burning curiosity about an art form I’d never even heard of: fused glass.

I’d never done anything artistic in my entire career.

I had no training or knowledge.

So I did what any logical person would do: I bought a kiln. Then I bought a bigger kiln – the largest one I could afford.

Once I got started, I couldn’t get enough. Glass fusion allows you to intentionally combine the creative and technical aspects of your brain to fulfil a vision, and I was hooked. The possibilities were endless!

I couldn’t wait to share my passion with the world.

We went all in: we built a studio space that could be shared with other artists and would-be artists. Being in that studio is my happy place, the place where I find calm in stressful situations, and I wanted as many people as possible to experience that. The sheer size of the room, the light, and the openness all contribute to a creative energy that can’t be matched.

Now, the Glass eMotions studio is a place for learning and growth, a place where world-class glass artists from around the world come to work and share their knowledge. Being here is a total experience – from sharing catered lunches on the deck to the jubilant moment when students see their final product.

I am so grateful for all that Glass eMotions has brought to my life: to the many students who have journeyed here to Ottawa and to the masters in this craft who continue to push boundaries and stretch our imagination.

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