What is fused glass?

Fused glass is an ancient and beautiful art form dating back to days of the Roman Empire.

Like a puzzle, each piece of glass is cut and carefully laid out before being fused together into one piece in the heat of a kiln.

Through the manipulation of the kiln firing and the glass itself, the design possibilities are truly limitless.

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  • Great learning knowledge from Crystal. What a great teaching video she made. One thing is I would like to see the back of the glass pieces that she made in the video. Thank you Crystal.

    Carol P.

  • Lovely location and working space. The use of the overhead camera makes it so 12 people aren’t crowded around the instructor during demonstration time. Great hospitality, clean studio and good food.
    Diane W.

  • Great learning experience and lots of fun.Thank you Crystal for your guidance and your patience. Like to thank all the other participants too, for sharing your creativity.

    Walter V.

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