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Craquelure - Limited Edition Starter Kit

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Only 100 of these starter kits will be made available for purchase - providing you with the necessary tools to complete 3 Craquelure projects in the new workshop:  An Artistic Journey:  Craquelure

Prices listed in Canadian $.  Approximately $195 USD.



    1. Modeling Glass™ Starter Kit -

    1. Silkemat® - 3 sq.ft.

    1. Rogue Enamels: Twelve (12) - 1 oz (28g) jars:

        • Brilliant Green, Clear Mixing, Cobalt Blue, Mandarin Orange, Peacock Green, Poppy Red, Sun Yellow, Vivid Turquoise, Zirconia White, Triaxial Turquoise*, Transparent Blue*

    1. Artistic Journey Map© - convenient tear off pad of 50 sheets

        • Due to a printer publisher error, there is a small defect in the sheets where the ‘steps’ are not number correctly after Step 3.  All text is correct, but the Title is not.  Still a very useful tool that I wanted to include for you.

    1. Silkemat® cleaning brush

    1. Powder Sifter

    1. Silicone Mat

    1. Clay Carving Tool

    1. 12 plastics cups with lids.


Note:  Does not qualify for volume discounts.

Pickup available at 540 River Rd

Usually ready in 24 hours