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Join Eva Lazar and Crystal Loke @ the Glass eMotions studio where we will take you on a new exciting Artistic Journey to learn new techniques for achieving interesting textures and colours in developing your glass projects. This is not simply an educational experience to enhance your skills, but also takes you through a unique creative and emotional process for expressing yourself through glass art.

The Glassroom™ is a multi-format educational space that combines the best in online learning environments combining video and PDF in an easy to follow structure that will allow you to move at your own pace. Download and print PDFs, watch on your own schedule with no expiration.


Craquelure provides over 25 instructional videos showing you exactly how each technique is done, along with the tools to get you there. It is the hope of Glass eMotions that the Artistic Journey Series will give you more than just a technique, but insight into how to express your own artistic journey in glass fusing.

Get 3 complete projects + 2 Bonus projects.
11 Separate Demonstrations

Note: All Digital/PDF workshops are non-refundable once purchase is complete.


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