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Mandala Dotting Kit - Standard

Great Mandala Dotting Tools Set: These mandala dotting art set are ideal for crafts and DIY projects, suitable for rock paintings, home decoration and art design. With our mandala dotting tools, you can create beautiful and unique patterns to help you become an artist.

32 pcs mandala dotting tools of different sizes can meet your various needs and can be applied to most flat surfaces, such as rock, wood, fabric, metal, canvas, walls, etc. The finished mandala crafts are very suitable for home decoration, and are also unique gifts for friends and family.

  • Conventient Carrying Waterproof Pouch

  • 1 Plastic Painting Tray

  • 8 Mandala Stencils

  • 4 double-sided rubber handle ball stylus,

  • 8 acrylic rods

  • 5 dotting styli with silicone head

  • 5 dotting styli with brush head

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