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Painterly Seascapes with Marguerite Beneke

Painterly seascapes with enamels is Marguerite’s latest online video tutorial where she demonstrates her easy step by step painting techniques on how to create beautiful sky, sea, wave and beach scenes.

The video tutorial consists of 9 modules with over 100 minutes viewing time.  Watch at your own leisure and learn at your own pace.

In this tutorial Marguerite demonstrates how to measure and mix the perfect enamel paint consistency and share her whole seascape colour blending range.  The video has 5 different projects that includes beautiful atmospheric skies, movement in the sea, close up waves and a small-scale jewellery pendant seascape scene.

Purchasing the video tutorial will give you access to her “Painterly seascapes with enamels” Facebook group where you have access to even more projects, Q and A sessions. And as a bonus, live brush stroke practice sessions where you are able to participate in to improve your skills.

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