Rogue Sample Kit - A Rogue Sample Kit - A
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Rogue Sampler Kit - A

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Try out these great enamels.

Limit one kit per order.

Using the primary colours you can mix and get shades!

  •  Mix Red and Yellow = Orange
  •  Mix Red and Blue = Purple
  • Mix Purple and Red = Violet
  • Mix Yellow and Blue = Green

I am pleased to announce the new and improved Rogue Introductory Kit.

The kit includes 10 (30g - an Ounce is 28g) of the most popular Rogue colours and 4 oz of Water Based Medium

Sun Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Aurora Red, Brilliant Green

Vivid Turquoise, Peacock Green

Zirconia White, Black, Mixing Clear

Pickup currently unavailable at 540 River Rd

Customer Reviews

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Joseph C.

Overall a good rating. Great deep red!!!
I would rather have these pre mixed to save time. Thanks for the sample set.