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XL-erator Medium | Dry Fast/Dry Hard

What is XLM? A new product by Rogue (Dove) eNamels.
Approximate USD conversion - $16.50 USD for 8 oz.
This product will allow you to paint in multiple layers without having to fire. It dries 50% quicker than the Water-Based Medium. Once dry and cool it becomes a hard surface that cannot be scraped off, smudged and prevents colour bleeding.
Tips and Techniques:
  1. This is NOT a replacement for the WBM (water-based medium), but useful in certain techniques and you may even develop your own techniques.
  2. This dries fast and hard - you need to make sure you are cleaning your brushes and any other surfaces.
  3. With multiple layers you can run the risk of too much enamel and 'crawling/cracking' will happen.
  4. Be aware of the layers of colour - eg ... if you have blue and paint yellow on top of that you can get a green result.
  5. Can be diluted to a 80%-XLM/20%-H20 mixture of XLM and water. eg. to mix 10g total weight - 8g XLM / 2g H20
  6. Mix XLM with Rogue eNamels - 1 part enamel - 40% XLM. eg. 5 g enamel : 2 - 2.5 g XLM
  7. Mix equal parts XLM and water to get a fluid pour consistency.
  8. Mixed enamels must be in a pot with lid if you plan on using again ... see tip #2.
  9. You can paint on top of dried/cooled XLM with regular WBM (water-based medium) with no issues - although it will take longer to dry that layer should you decide to do that.
  10. DO NOT mix XLM with WBM

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