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Rogue (pre-mixed) Beginner Kit - (2nd Quarter 2023)

Limited to 1 Kit per Customer.  If you order more, I will refund the add'l.

Give Rogue a try with this kit that takes the guess work out of mixing.  While Rogue can be mixed to many different consistencies depending on your application, these have been pre-mixed to a paint consistency.

Featuring 8 vivid Rogue Colours in reusable jars.

  • 30g pre-mixed enamel (2 parts) to medium (1 part)
    • Brilliant Green
    • Cobalt Blue
    • Golden Brown
    • Poppy Red
    • Steel Grey
    • Sun Yellow
    • Jet Black
    • Zirconia White
  • Plus 25g Rogue Water-Based Medium
  • Plus 2 small spatulas (reusable) and 1 Pipette for use with adding small amounts of Medium to your mixture.

All packaged in a handy storage / travel box.  As part of this kit you will receive a sampler tile for each colour.  This sample tile (COE 96 glass) was fired to 1340F.

But don't stop there, mix the colours to get even more hues, shades and tones to make your own one-of-a-kind colour.

Using top-quality enamels packaged in an easy to use set will allow you to try your hand at a multitude of techniques.  Rogue's water-soluble paints rinse from brushes with mild soap and water.

Also, a FAQ sheet will be emailed to you along with two sample project with basic instructions.  Not a tutorial.  Just guideline.

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