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Rogue - Purple Blends

 Luscious Purples and Pink


Orders will ship on Monday, November 27th, 2023

Glass eMotions is pleased to be able to provide a cost effective solution to the elusive purple I am testing blends using the Transparent Magenta as a base.

After testing in the studio, I have successfully created a stable range of colours.  You can fire these blends as low as 1100 and as high as 1450, compatible on any COE glass.

    • Recommended Firing - single layer top temp:  1360
    • Recommended Firing - Full Fuse (2 layers or more):  1420 - 20 minute hold.

All blends can be:

    • Tinted with White  Note:  Pure White (PW) and Zirconia White (ZW) will give you different tint levels.  The ZW will be brighter
    • Toned with Grey - I make a custom Grey with 90% White (you choose PW or ZW) with 10% Jet Black
    • Shaded with Black
    • Your shading can be varied by how much or how little of the above you use.
  • As these are blends, it is recommended to mix your powder with Rogue Medium at least 24 hours prior to using.  This allows all the colours to fully integrate.  Stir before using.

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