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Rogue Sampler Kit - B

Try out these great enamels.

Limit one kit per order.

Using the primary colours you can mix and get shades!


    • Mix Red and Yellow = Orange


    • Mix Red and Blue = Purple


    • Mix Purple and Red = Violet


  • Mix Yellow and Blue = Green


I am pleased to announce the new Rogue Sampler Kit - B - try out for yourself some of the non-standard colours including the Triaxial and a Transparent Blue

The kit includes 10 (30g - an Ounce is 28g) of the most popular Rogue colours and 4 oz of Water Based Medium


    • Chrome Green


    • Harvest Brown


    • Mandarin Orange


    • Poppy Red


    • Pure White


    • Red Brown


    • Steel Grey


    • Triaxial Turquoise


    • Triaxial Coral


    • Transparent Blue


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