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Size: 8 oz

The medium, or vehicle, used to mix with powdered enamels is greatly dependent on the individual artist’s preference and style. The artist needs to experiment with several different types of media to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each. Rogue can be used with the medium you require for your application. Any glass paint that is applied wet, is wet because it is mixed with a medium. The medium consists of a liquid, or “vehicle”, and a may contain a “binder” for adhesion and other substances such as suspending or spreading agents. Together these additions can turn a powdered enamel product into a paint. The goal for a medium formula is to make the enamel applicable, to bind the enamels to the glass before they are fired onto the glass.

  • Rogue’s manufacturer recommends the use of the 601/63 Water Based Medium
  • An easy to use medium for mixing enamels.
  • Dry your painted piece in your kiln (250F for approximately 10-15 minutes).
  • It is water soluble making cleanup easy.
  • When fired, this medium will burn off cleanly with no nasty residue.

Medium Tips & Tricks

  • Tip #1 – You can thin the medium first – by using a ratio of 1-part medium to 4 parts water. (pouring medium mixture)
  • Tip #2 – You can mix the enamel with pure medium, to a thick painting consistency (Tip #5) and then add water until you have a more fluid consistency – or add the mixture created in Tip #1.
  • Tip #3 – For a pour – you will want to ensure there is an even thin layer on the glass before firing. Problems can arise if your enamel thickness is too thick.
  • Tip #4 – For a pour – you will want a 1:1 ratio of enamel:pouring medium mixture (thinned – Tip #1)
  • Tip #5 – For painting directly on glass – you will mix 2:1 … two parts enamel to 1-part medium (not pouring mix).
  • Tip #6 - Once the paint has been mixed correctly there should be very few granules visible.
  • Tip #7 - Mix a few hours or day before you use to allow the enamels to dissolve totally into your pouring mixture.

Once the paint has been mixed correctly there should be very few granules visible. Place finished mixture into airtight container (Container should not be a hard plastic or a thin plastic). Always stir the mixture before using if it has sat for a while. If stored in a sealed container your mix could remain viable for months.

Mixing Instructions:

  • Pour: 1 part enamel: 1 part pouring medium (see above)
  • Paint: 2 parts enamel: 1 part medium (start here and then add more medium to desired texture for your painting style.
  • Airbrushing: 1 part enamel: 4 parts medium (either pure or pouring mixture) … test, test, test.
  • Screen printing: same as paint or a little thicker maybe 70:30 – you want the consistency of honey.

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Size: 8 oz

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Rae Williamson

I am always impressed at the customer service with Glass Emotions and the products are superior.

Gayle H.
Rogue Enamels and Mixing Medium

Works great for mixing Rogue enamels. The customer service is the best.

Paula W.
Rogue Medium

Perfect medium to use with the rogue enamel paints.

v a.

Love that it can be put onto a grill to dry

Taunya G.
My favorite enamels

Rogue medium and enamels are fantastic! The colors are rich and can be applied more similar to paint, unlike many others. I'm certain the medium will go a long way. Very pleased with these products.