Creative eNamels use in Fused Glass (Online)

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Creative eNamels

use in Fused Glass

An Online Live Workshop


~ Marguerite Beneke ~


June 15-19, 2024

10:00 AM EST - 4:00 PM EST

RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW - only 4 spots remaining - 

$2000 CAD dollars - includes a kit of what you need for the workshop / Approx. $1500 USD


$1475 CAD dollars - no kit included you will need to have the materials available. A full list of supplies will be included in the workshop notes on registration / Approx. $1090 USD

This workshop provides a great opportunity for enhancing your creativity by exploring a wide range of techniques used by Marguerite. Expect an intense, concentrated, and lively workshop.

Live, Online and Fully Interactive Format

Hosted by Glass eMotions – in The GlassRoom™ , this workshop has been formatted to fit all the content from the live in-person workshop.

Over the course of 5 days, Marguerite will demonstrate:

  • How to mix brush and fluid paint consistencies
  • Creating streaky fluid paintings to use as backgrounds for projects
  • Creating a silhouette treescape
  • Creating all the different elements used in my abstract pieces
  • How to translate references into abstract design and choosing colours
  • How to paint abstract sea and landscapes
  • Creating smaller works for jewelry and mounting ideas

The GlassRoom™ provides not only 2-way communication, but complete group participation.  You’ll be able to not only see and discuss the materials with the other students, but you can also see their work surface and the projects they are painting.

Like a live classroom, you can ask questions of the instructor, and talk to other students.  Group discussion is encouraged.  We avoid muting microphones except during formal lectures, or if there is background noise that is disruptive to the class.

This workshop is being delivered online, for about the same price as the live (in-person) 5-day workshop – including materials that are shipped to your home or studio (with a value of over $500). 

Handouts and ‘homework’ will be included in each kit.  All kits will be shipped free within the Canada and US, when bundled together.  For international shipping, you’ll just pay the difference in shipping costs.

After the workshop, you will have access to a special private Facebook group.  This gives you the opportunity to explore what you have learned at home and have a place where you can post photos and ask questions if you need some help with the techniques that you have learned during class.

All sessions will be recorded and you will have access to these recordings for 30 days on completion of the workshop.

You will also get a one hour one to one private video painting session through zoom, to use to cover one of the techniques from the workshop again.  These sessions are only available within the first 12 months after the workshop has ended.  Bookings for this will be done on availability for both parties.

What do you need to take this workshop:


Because we all use different COE, you will need to provide your own clear glass for the projects.  A full list of sizes will be provided to you so you can cut and prepare your glass prior to the workshop start.

A Kiln

Since we are not meeting together in a studio, you will need access to your own kiln.

A Griddle

Either new or used – at least 10x12 surface.  This is a handy tool to quickly dry your enamels as you are working.

A Laptop or Large Format Tablet

The main way we’ll communicate is within a group Zoom meeting. You will need either a laptop (with a functioning camera, microphone, and speaker) or a large format tablet. Something like a Kindle or an iPad Mini is likely too small to be able to see what is happening… the larger the screen, the better.

A Cell Phone and Tripod (or similar mount)

You will also use a cell phone as a secondary device. (Your cell phone will be muted, so that all discussions happen through your laptop or tablet.) Your cell phone’s camera will be used to show your work surface, so you can get direct and specific feedback on your own project.

A Reliable Internet Connection, capable of video

You will need a reliable internet connection that is capable of full video. If you can successfully participate in a Zoom meeting or webinar, you should be OK. It would be good to avoid any other heavy internet usage during this time (a spouse that is streaming a movie, for example).

A Mask

A dust mask or full respirator. You will be mixing your own enamel powders. Once they are mixed with liquid medium the powder cannot be airborne and they are safe. But in powdered form, the fine powder can easily become airborne and enter your lungs. Be safe - and wear a mask when mixing powdered enamels!

Size: Yes

Customer Reviews

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Cynthia Jones
Best class ever!

A great class where you learn so much about enamels plus all these tips and tricks to create fun and beautiful art. There are tips about painting. Tips about mixing and storing enamels. Tips about displaying. Tips about brush size. Tips about what size of glass fto cut for most efficient use of a sheet. And so much more.


Wonderful products, first class enamel powders and lots of extras included. Delighted with my purchase! Thank you so much Crystal at Glass emotions