Mandala Dotting on Glass

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The literal meaning of the word Mandala is “circle”. Mandalas have been used since ancient times to depict a period of creativity and of powerful existence. They have been used to depict a deeper connection with the self and the universe around us. Throughout history, many great artists have used a from of the ‘dotting’ method in their works. This will be discussed in the course.
With Glass eMotions “Mandala Dotting” workshop, you may experience that connection to self, experience a deeply relaxing and meditative art technique and even lose yourself in your own creativity while producing beautiful, and unexpectedly intricate, creative designs. In our 1.5 hour video tutorial, offered exclusively by Glass eMotions, you will learn how to apply this historical “dotting” technique to create a one-of-a-kind Mandala glass art piece, and you will be able to apply this new skill to future glass creations of all kinds.
Come join us and learn a relaxing and meditative art form that produces amazingly beautiful results that you, and others, will treasure for a lifetime! One of the many great points about this workshop is that it does not require you to have any previous painting or glass experience!